Sadness takes over her soul tonight
It carries on from yesterday
and into tomorrow

Her heart feels like a weight in her chest
Every beat pulling her further down
till she becomes immoveable

She wishes she knew the reasons why
But sadness gives her no reason
Only torments her body and soul

Lost in an abyss of melancholy
The light fades further away
Soon nothing will remain but black

She is silent, she is still
But her mind is screaming
Can’t they see?

Yet she’d rather hide the scars
Than share the burden of her pain
with another

She smiles in the face of death
It doesn’t frighten her
This journey to the unknown

Life is precious, life is beautiful
But death is an adventure
she yearns to explore

Its darkness comforts her
in a way people cannot do
Too rapt in their own desires

She wishes to be released
from this prison that is reality
She wishes to drown

But as she stands on the edge
of the precipice
she cannot bring herself to fall

Her salty tears stain her heart
and her fear reminds her
of her own humanity.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011




I try to hold back forming tears
A culmination of my fears
How easy faith can slip away
I watch it go with yesterday

Not sure if I can get up now
And find those things that must be found
Just let me lie here on the floor
And drown in all that has been torn

I look around and scream inside
From all these rules we must abide
I slowly, gently, fall from grace
The years I’ve spent feel like a waste

Can’t ever know what happens next
I’m always short of second best
Don’t even dream of being one
I get off the floor and start to run

Away from all that frightens me
From the blurriness surrounding me
Forgetting momentarily to breathe
Forgetting, always, to believe

I’ve never been so terrified
My heart bursts fiercely from the inside
I try to breathe, but I’ve lost my faith
Where are those dreams I long to create?

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Nine O’Clock

Nine O’Clock

Lying beside you on a bed
Cheeks are flushed and turning red
I can’t quite tell if this is real
But everything about me feels

My heart beats fast inside my chest
I’m somehow tired but cannot rest
I know the butterflies that spin around
Inside my stomach they can be found

I glance at the clock hanging on the wall
Scared to death that I will fall
Outside what seems to be a dream
That fits as perfectly as it seems

You kiss me softly on the lips
Your brush so gentle as you kiss
I can’t believe that you are mine
Everything about you makes me rhyme

Then I woke up at nine o’clock
But beside me you were not
Oh it’s just another dream
Real to me, but yet unseen.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Little Star

Little Star

I wish I had someone tonight
To gaze upon the stars so bright
And share the wonders of what could be
If life was a fairytale fantasy

Instead I stare at the sky alone
This is all that I have ever known
The wind whispers songs to me
About everything that love could be

So tell me a story, whispering wind
In a past life, who I might have been
Take my imagination for a ride
Grow me wings and help me fly

Then I will soar toward that star
That always seems to me so far
I’ll hold it burning in my hand
So I can finally understand

Maybe if that star was mine
I would finally feel I’m fine
That a part of this world is just for me
And reality’s a constructed fantasy

I’d take that star and shine it bright
Encapsulate our earth in light
So every soul can find its place
In this little star’s embrace

Instead it’s fairy dust in the sky
And I just watch it twinkle by
How odd this world can sometimes seem
How sad and beautiful it is to dream

I wish I had someone tonight
To gaze upon this star so bright
Perhaps if I was yours and you were mine
We’d fetch that star and together we’d shine.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011



As a child, I looked up to the sky
Asking questions about the way
The raindrops fell cold on my skin
Making me shiver with curiosity

My mother always told me
The rain might make me sick
The rain might make me sad
One shouldn’t dance in the rain

Rain changed and so did I
I was no longer curious at thirteen
On bad days, I cried with the rain
And told myself:

the sky is weeping with me.

 On better days
I wished to dance beneath it
With someone, anyone
Who might look my way, but of course,

no one looked.

 Rain is my friend now
It reminds me of loneliness
But it also reminds me
Of hot chocolate and a good book

So I think to myself
How wonderful this rain is

 It can delight, it can shiver
It can make you want to dance
It is sad, yet comforting
Lonely, yet shared

So I listen to the raindrops fall
And I wonder
what it will ignite
in my soul tonight.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011



Don’t pretend you care for me
Like all you do is meant to please
Don’t say you trust what I can do
When you really think I’m just a fool

You think I can’t see through the lies
Your pretentious, encouraging, thick disguise
But know this now, I see it all
I know you really think I’ll fall

There’s nothing worse than faking smiles
Than giving me hope for just a while
You take it away in the blink of an eye
‘Cause all you said were merely lies

So don’t pretend you got some faith
Like I’m your something to create
Just tell me how you truly feel
So I can distinguish what is real

I don’t need encouraging words from you
I already trust in what I do
I’d rather honesty than made-up lies
Don’t need reassurance that I’m just fine

This is why I’m so jaded toward the human race
‘Cause everyone’s just putting on some face
This is why I can never trust someone
Who knows when they’ll just cut and run?

People disappoint you in the end
They lie and pretend to be your friend
Then make you feel bad with what you do
Once they reveal their true selves to you

It’s becoming clearer everyday
I’m all alone ‘cause people betray
I wish the wind would come on by
And take me with it so I can fly.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Only Human

Only Human

I watch a bird spread its wings and fly
Plunging into the endless blue sky
I wish and I yearn, but I tell myself:
You are only human

I see a million souls cry out today
Pleading for someone to show them the way
They wish and yearn, but tell themselves:
We are only human

A lonely boy leaves the world tonight
He can no longer fight this fight
He wished and yearned, but told himself:
You are only human

The stars are in thousands surrounding the moon
I wish I could reach them sometime so soon
I wish and I yearn, but I tell myself:
You are only human

A mother’s child died in her
She feels that she has lost her worth
She wishes and yearns, but tells herself:
You are only human

Your heart’s been broken for the first time
And you know that one day you will be fine
You wish and you yearn, but you tell yourself:
You are only human

I wish I was the world tonight
So I’d only have to change what’s inside
I wish and I yearn, and I tell myself:
I am only human.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Liebster Blog Award

It’s an honour to be awarded this twice. This was given to me by two fantastic bloggers/writers. I urge you to check out their blogs and have a serious click around:



I’m still fairly new to the blogosphere, but as I understand, “Liebster” is the German word for “dearest” and the goal of this award is to give more recognition to promising blogs with less than 200 followers.

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I wish to pass this award along to the following five blogs:
You’ll find some wonderful poetry on every one of these sites. So go, explore and feed your soul with the beauty of their words.

I Dare You

I Dare You

Point at me, I dare you
And tell me what you see
Tell me how I’ll never get
To where I want to be

Laugh at me, I dare you
Why don’t you crack a grin?
Go on and laugh at all my dreams
And tell me I won’t win

Belittle me, I dare you
Why don’t you put me down?
Criticise and say I’m wrong
While I don’t make a sound

Compare me then, I dare you
Compare me to them all
Tell me how unbeatable they are
And how I’ll only fall

Mock my dreams, I dare you
Say how unhappy I’ll be
Make fun of the choices in my life
How you’re so much better than me

So you’ll put me down
You’ll make me frown
You’ll make me cry
And want to die

You’ll be that voice
Inside my head
That says “don’t try”
You’ll just regret

But go on then, just do it all
Say those things and I will fall
But just before I reach the ground
My wings will grow, I’m dreamward-bound

I’ll fly so high, and you will see
Your shallow opinions meant nothing to me
I’m flying away with my own wings
‘Cause I know I can do anything

So point and laugh, belittle me
Compare and mock me everything
And I’ll just keep on flying away
Further up high from yesterday

I’m living my dream
So mock as you please

I dare you, I dare you, I dare you…

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

My Heart

My Heart

I remember the dreams I had
As a little girl
So vivid, so real and beautiful
Was my little world

I dreamt of a love impossible
And I would spin around
Smiling ’cause my heart would race
Running to be found

I would wonder of the tragedy
If we had no dreams
For they are what inspire hope
They are what we mean

And if I could just push a bit
To have my dreams come true
I said to myself I will believe
That one day I’ll find you

So I stand here with your hand
Placed against my heart
I ask you what it is you hear
Of what you are a part

I ask you to listen carefully
To the steady beat
A message is hidden there inside
A message of defeat

For I’ve surrendered myself to you
The person of my dreams
The one who makes my knees go weak
Who always believes in me

So listen to my heart beat now
Only one more thing to do
Listen close and carefully
As it whispers “I love you”.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011