I wrote this one in 2010. I don’t remember exactly why I wrote it, but that year was predominantly about “finding myself” (my true calling in life, if you will) and there were many instances where I felt severely lost. I tried a lot of things, but nothing ever quite “clicked” with me. I enjoyed some of the things I did, but it lacked that fierce passion behind it. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending and I feel very, very close to the life I want. Heck, I’d like to believe I’m already there. Live the lie, remember? 😉

Anyway, I think I scribbled this down in my special notebook after talking to my mum on the phone, or was it my aunt? It was one of them. I was going through a down time and felt like I had no reason to live, but then they called out of the blue and talked to me and restored my faith in the universe. I’ll always be eternally grateful for my friends and family – our walking angels on earth.


Deep within our struggles, it’s hard for us to see
The heroes that we are inside and all we wish to be
Behind the mistakes and challenges, it seems we cannot find
The strength that lies inside our hearts, the power of our minds

We look to heaven and plead out loud
Hoping the answers will be found
Calling for angels to help us through
To guide us in all that we do

But no angels ever seem to come
And it seems those battles can’t be won
You want to believe, but you’re losing faith
Feeling, always, like you’re one step too late

But then one day they say to you
You’re perfect already in all you do
They tell you you’re strong and beautiful
Amazing, together, so wonderful

They say these things about your life
That you’re so close to the gifts you strive
Inside you are all the things you yearn
The lessons in life that you have learnt

But who they are aren’t those with wings
Not quite those beaming, fantastical things
You find them where you’ve forgotten to look
They’re not those angels from fairytale books

They’re people in your life who believe in you
The way friends and family tend to do
They’re your angels walking on earth
Who see you for all that you are worth

Reminding you those things you have forgot
What you are and what you’re not
Restoring faith so you can believe
You’re already all you wish to be.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012


Live the Lie

This was inspired by a Lady Gaga quote I recently stumbled across. I’m not a crazy fan, but I enjoy her music and how she chooses to view life. The fact that someone as young as her can achieve what she has is inspirational. I think we can all afford to get a bit of Gaga fever in us.

Live the Lie

I decided today what I would be
I decided to live my fantasy
I said to myself, “I’m a superstar”
And everyone said, “I know who you are”

You live the lie, you get the dream
No matter how far away it seems
Convince yourself and the world will follow
You’re gonna’ be a star tomorrow

Don’t save your smile for another day
For now is the time to celebrate
Jump up and down, your dream is found
The universe spins round and round!

And one day they’ll all know your name
‘Cause you were famous before your fame
Live the lie, create the truth
Stop waiting for some kind of proof

You’re only as big as you dare to dream
You’re only as much as you want to believe
I decided today that destiny was mine
So I’m going out there and I’m living the lie.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

This is the quote for anyone interested. It is supposedly from a video interview, but I’m not sure which one:

“It’s sort of like a mantra. You know, you repeat it to yourself every day: music is my life, music is my life, the fame is inside of me, I’m going to make a number one record, with number one hits. And it’s not yet, it’s a lie. You’re saying a lie over and over and over again. And then one day, the lie is true.” – Lady Gaga

White Dress

This piece was inspired by one of my best friends and is dedicated to her. She just told us that she got engaged today. I know she doesn’t want to tell the world yet, but since I’m pretty certain none of you know her in real life, it’s safe to say it here! So this one’s for her. I know she’s going to read this, so: we couldn’t be happier for you, my dear friend. Lots of love and blessings for the future. Xx

White Dress

I saw you in that white dress
Long before yesterday
What is it we used to talk about?
What is it we used to say?

We sat in the classrooms all those times
The times that seem long ago
Talking of futures that would never come
Of things we were yet to know

We spoke of finding that special one
Who could see beyond our flaws
The one we would one day give our yes
Who would open our closed doors

You didn’t imagine it would be so soon
How he fell into your life
You didn’t see him getting on one knee
And asking you to be his wife

Yet love is often strange that way
A million words can’t tell you why
The heart has its reasons not reason knows of
And you know when something feels right

At fifteen, he was always in your heart
You just didn’t know his name
So you waited, you fell, you got up again
For your heart was always his to claim

So I see you in that white dress now
With flowers in your hand
I see that something in your eyes
I’m yet to understand

And I hope he knows how lucky he is
‘Cause you’re a girl so rare
I hope he appreciates your every smile
Your every breath and stare

We’ll never be fifteen again
We’re all growing up so fast
People change and what remains
Was always meant to last

A part of me says goodbye to you
As you put on your white dress
But although your heart is given to him
We won’t love you any less

I’ll never forget the look in your eyes
The sparkles all around
I think we’re one step closer now
To getting what it’s all about.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

That (damn) Query Letter

Major word spew alert. You have been warned.

That (damn) Query Letter

I’m goin’ a little crazy
And everything’s so hazy
There’s no one here to hold my hand
To help me somehow understand

So I come to you, pen, with my writer’s plea
As I bolt to beyond and infinity
With wobbly knees and rose-coloured glasses
I stumble from failure toward all my passes

How is it that I can write a whole book?
Yet I have trouble when it comes to the hook?
Pitching to agents with query letters
Hoping they’ll think my book’s better

The damn letter hasn’t even been written yet
For the past few weeks I’ve grumbled and fret
But I’m doing it today, oh yes I’m doing it now
I’m going to Starbucks and getting this down

Dear Ms Agent, hope you like my style
I hope you move it from the slush pile
I know you get a hundred queries a week
But I hope my one is the one you seek

Publishing credits, I hear you say?
Well, I don’t yet have one this day
I heard my word count spurs heart attacks
And to expect my manuscript sent on back

They say my writing ain’t up to par
And I’ll never make it very far
So don’t expect my book to take flight
But then, how on earth do you explain Twilight?!

Dear Ms Agent, I hope this reaches you well
For this query letter comes from depths of hell
You read a hundred a week and they’re all the same
So I’m just hoping I don’t misspell your name.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

The Skyscraper

The Skyscraper

They say your life is a film played to you
Those moments before you die
You glimpse everything that was your life
Before you say goodbye

As you’re falling from the skyscraper
Tell me what you see
As your wings begin to take you up
Tell me who you’ll be

Tell me what you remember most
The birthdays, the achievements you made
What made your life a life well lived
Before you died today?

You see something now, don’t you?
You’re almost at the ground
But before your wings take you away
Please tell me what you found

Maybe it wasn’t the birthdays
The milestones you thought you had
It was making up after a fight
That smile when you felt sad

It was a random stranger’s kindness
And that kindness you passed on
Waking up to breakfast in bed
Hearing your favourite song

The cold side of the pillow
Staying in on rainy days
A hug you thought you didn’t need
But he hugged you anyway

Achievements should be cherished
But not at expense of the in-between
Falling from that skyscraper now
You see what all this means

You thought it’d be the bigger ones
You thought that’s how life goes
But somehow it’s the smaller moments in life
That will always mean the most.

 © Lily K. Lynn 2012

The Box

The Box

She spent so long living each day
Breathing the words of what others say
Surviving in constructions of society
Conforming to its many proprieties

Blinded by the notion of being free
To be whatever she wanted to be
The box is big, but a box nonetheless
Suppressed the dreams she wished to confess

Locked down by invisible chains
Waking each day till nothing remains
The box steals her soul through guise of liberty
Tells her everything that she should see

It twists her mind, it blinds her heart
It shakes and shatters and tears apart
The box was bigger when she was a girl
A baby brought into this world

But the box got smaller as she grew
Now she wonders what she’s turned into
She yearns for life outside the box
Not tied down by these chains and locks

Reality is what society has made
Telling her she must live this way
Locking her down with fear and lies
So, like others, she will never fly

But tonight she decides she will break free
She’s going to be what she wants to be
She escapes the box, for it was all just fake
Kicks it aside, and it shatters and breaks.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012


I saw The Illusionists perform last night at the Sydney Opera House. This random piece of poetry ensued.


I can’t turn a white scarf into a dove
Or make a paper rose dance high above
I can’t cut a person into two
Then deliver them back as good as new

The eye only sees what it wants to see
You are only as much as you wish to be
Magic exists because we want to believe
There’s more to the world than you and me

What if our lives are but illusions performed
A magic trick and nothing more
And what happens, then, when we all die?
We were all just fools when we were alive.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012



Sometimes words aren’t enough
To take everything inside
Wrap it up and deliver to the world
Those things you tried to hide

Sometimes you feel so strongly
You feel your heart crack in two
The rising ocean in your chest
Yet you cannot move

Sometimes you don’t know what you feel
You just try so hard to find
Some kind of suppressed emotion
You bottled up inside

Sometimes you feel like baking a cake
So that you may lick the bowl
Mix some things into a batter
Then add one part of your soul

And sometimes you don’t want to feel
And you don’t want to rhyme
So the only thing that comes to you is:
Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes…

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

You’re Ending

You’re Ending

It’s supposed to be the end of the world
I guess our time is running out
Apocalypse or evolution
I guess we’ll get what it was all about

And I guess I’m the only one excited
About the end of it all
For this year is a chance to do everything
I’ve never done before

Death has never frightened me
And if I die today
I’d want to know I had lived my life
Completely my own way

So here’s to the end of the world
Here’s to life and death
Who will you be that moment before
You take your final breath?

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I

Say it out loud, I dare you
Go scream it on the roof
Tell them what you’re made of
You don’t have anything to prove

If you fear what you want most
How do you expect to find
If your dreams scare you so
How can you expect to fly?

So unbury it now, go on
And tell it to everyone
Don’t be scared, don’t shy away
There’s no need for you to run

They’ll talk about your failures
But that’s just one obstacle down
If you don’t dare to start somewhere
Your success will never be found

So tell the world about it all
About your hopes and dreams
Get them thinking along with you
How much you will achieve

Don’t be scared of making a fool
‘Cause you told the world too soon
How can the universe be on your side
When even you don’t believe in you?

So I’ll see you on the rooftops then
Get ready to jump and fly
Take the plunge, ‘cause real life starts
With me, myself and I.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012