Rescue Me

Rescue Me

Purple and black spiral surrounds
I’m falling through these smoky clouds
My tears are rain that eclipse the earth
Searching for my own self-worth

Cold steel and shadows everywhere
Pelting through this rushing air
Wanting for a human hand
The warmth and hope of understand

The ground’s my only saviour now
For the heroes I sought could not be found
And I wonder if I’ll lose it all
I wonder if I’ll survive the fall

This can’t be how it’s meant to end
Yet I’ve used up my defence
Just show me who I’m meant to be
Un-blind my eyes so I can see

Fight for the pages left of my life
Don’t let them fall, keep them alive
Rescue me from this black eclipse
Don’t let me fall to the abyss

There must be something more to me
There must be more that I can be
This can’t be how the story ends
I must have left one last defence

So find my hand, if it’s not too late
Don’t let me stand for such a fate
Follow my voice, please fight for me
And wake me from this reality.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012


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