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My name is Lily. I’m a writer and lover of all things pertaining to words and expression of self. I’m the kind of girl who will put down a book to look up an interesting new word and who is fascinated by thesauruses. This blog is mostly an avenue for me to post my poetry and writing. I hope something you read here moves you or inspires you. If you have any questions, need someone to talk to or some tough love, don’t hesitate to contact me. People say I’m nice, really.



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32 responses

  1. Sitting on my desk is big thick thesaurus, a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, a spelling dictionary and a cup of coffee. Guess we could friends?

  2. Hello your blog is an inspiration and thought provoking . in this twisted blogosphere. your endless talent for working and shaping words in to creations of beauty is profound. therefore I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Be well, be happy and Power to your pen. xx

    • Oh wow, I was not expecting this at all! This blog of mine is still so young and I have yet to explore all the wonderful talent that exists in this blogosphere. In fact, I had to just do a quick read to see what the VBA was. I am so flattered but I don’t think I’ve been around long enough to honestly compile a list of 15 blogs in a whim. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be able to accept the honour of this award and give credit where credit is due to other blogs that inspire me =) But thank you so much for the nomination. Xx Lily

  3. A very nice introduction my friend, I actually arrived
    on your Space from Willowdot 21 who has added a
    link to your world of blogging. I will of course return
    later and read some of your work here, which I will
    also add my thoughts to same.

    Do have a most exquisite rest
    of day, and a lovely start to your week ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Pulchritudinous! Yeah, I love the thesaurus too. Problem is having just that right opportunity to use a wonderful word like “pulchritudinous.” I think this may be it . . .

    pulchritude – noun
    meaning: formal, literary or physical beauty
    from the Latin pulchritลซdล
    pulchri’tudinous – adj

    Looks like you have the chops. I’d say its just a matter of time until some young girl somewhere in the world is writing that she’s got nothing on Lily K. Lynn.

    • I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the word “pulchritudinous”. I had to hurry over to the dictionary/thesaurus to look it up for myself (how geeky of me!)

      Thank you so much for the lovely words. What a nice thing to say! I’m practically blushing. I am determined to get there. Thanks for dropping by. Lily

    • Thank you, I am very honoured, again! And once again, I have to turn down the VBA award because I can’t stick to the rules. I still don’t have a list of fifteen bloggers I’d like to pass it on to. I’ve certainly come across many wonderful blogs since the last time, but fifteen is a lot, and I’d like to pass it on to blogs I truly enjoy! Maybe if I’m nominated again in the future, I will finally be able to do this (they do say third time’s a charm and I only seem to keep stumbling upon more great blogs). Thank you so much, though, I appreciate this!

  5. Hello, Lily.
    Nice to meet you here. I’m a beginner here.
    My aim is to share my poems (unfortunately they all have been written in Russian) and my feelings in Russian and in English on that wonderful site. I would be very much glad if such sensitive person could read my blog from time to time. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Kasilia – lovely name! Nice to meet you too. I’d be more than happy to read any of your English poetry (I wish I could read Russian too!). I’ll be watching out for your site! Thank you for dropping by.

      Xx Lily

  6. Greetings Lily, discovered your blog and enjoyed reading through your posts. I like how you preface your poems with the context. It is something I have often considered doing but I always concluded that it might detract from the poem itself to explain it before someone experiences it for themselves. It’s funny, I did not feel swayed by your sharing and filling out the poem’s genesis. I bookmarked your blog and will return again — I only read a few and knew I would be returning again. Besides, I have more dictionaries and thesauri (?) than anyone I know, so … Keep writing, you have a wonderful gift!

    • Greetings to you too! I understand what you mean about explaining your poetry before someone has a chance to read it. I’ve been doing that a lot less lately (more out of a lack of time than anything), but sometimes when the subject matter of my poetry means a lot to me, I can’t help but delve into it a little more. Though some poetry is best left as is and open to personal interpretation!

      Thank you for dropping by. Your site looks intriguing too. I will definitely be heading over and having a look around soon.


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