Ring of Fire

In light of the most recent form rejection letter I received, I was going to write a whiney poem with a title along the lines of “Rejection, Dejection (and Form Consolations)”, but decided to spare you all and turn my misery into determination. Though “sparing you” might be overstating it. Query letter hell ain’t no fun place to be and I just got here.

Ring of Fire

Really thought you’d break me
Standing here in a ring of fire
Flames burning into skin
Making me grow brighter

Every scar burnt into me
Stings less with every blow
Makes me stronger inside out
Teaches me what I’m yet to know

I feel the heat choking my breath
But I said I won’t give in
It burns my body, but not my will
The pain brings me closer to the win

I look up at the sky and nothing else
And focus on the stars
Makes the flames hurt somewhat less
Makes me forget the scars

Seems a little fuzzy now
Seems I’m falling away
I close my eyes, and that’s when it happens
Those glorious drops of rain.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012


Mending Broken Dreams

I knew this would hurt. I knew it long ago far before I began querying. Yet somehow it’s still managed to hit me like a pile of bricks falling from the sky. That rejection from a supposed “dream literary agent” – it arrived in my inbox about a half hour ago. It was short… a simple “not for me” type thing. Still, I’m tempted to just burst into tears right now. I don’t think it’s the rejection itself. It’s just that it would have been awesome to have this particular agent as my agent, and I really thought she might like my story. I thought wrong! There wasn’t even a request for a partial or anything. Let’s just say it felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart with a dagger and was twisting it around for good measure when I had to cross her name off the list. So now I shall write a poem, get this melancholy out of my system. I REFUSE to get depressed over this. I just can’t allow myself to (and I REALLY want to, believe me. Being optimistic is more draining than you’d think). I just have to get up and keep going. I’ve shed my two tears over it, and that’s as far as I’ll let myself go.

Mending Broken Dreams

It’s hard to see your every dream
Slowly unravel at the seams
A broken heart, a broken soul
Feeling you will never be whole

The faith you had from yesterday
How quickly it can fade away
Expectations made a fool of me
Those things I thought I would always be

I wish they told me when I was young
That no matter how hard or fast you run
Sometimes the things you want will still break
They’ll shatter your soul, you give and they’ll take

I must keep running, though I’ve tripped now
I must get up though I’ve fallen down
I know this is just an obstacle along the way
And eventually I will be okay

The fall still hurts though, my heart still stings
I want to just give up on everything
But I can’t give in to the broken dream
I can’t let tears cloud what I could be

So I said to myself, “just two tears now”
You can wallow and cry and let them out
Then put yourself back together again
‘Cause this is just the beginning, you’re far from the end.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

That (damn) Query Letter

Major word spew alert. You have been warned.

That (damn) Query Letter

I’m goin’ a little crazy
And everything’s so hazy
There’s no one here to hold my hand
To help me somehow understand

So I come to you, pen, with my writer’s plea
As I bolt to beyond and infinity
With wobbly knees and rose-coloured glasses
I stumble from failure toward all my passes

How is it that I can write a whole book?
Yet I have trouble when it comes to the hook?
Pitching to agents with query letters
Hoping they’ll think my book’s better

The damn letter hasn’t even been written yet
For the past few weeks I’ve grumbled and fret
But I’m doing it today, oh yes I’m doing it now
I’m going to Starbucks and getting this down

Dear Ms Agent, hope you like my style
I hope you move it from the slush pile
I know you get a hundred queries a week
But I hope my one is the one you seek

Publishing credits, I hear you say?
Well, I don’t yet have one this day
I heard my word count spurs heart attacks
And to expect my manuscript sent on back

They say my writing ain’t up to par
And I’ll never make it very far
So don’t expect my book to take flight
But then, how on earth do you explain Twilight?!

Dear Ms Agent, I hope this reaches you well
For this query letter comes from depths of hell
You read a hundred a week and they’re all the same
So I’m just hoping I don’t misspell your name.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012