Don’t You Know

Don’t You Know

I see it in your eyes sometimes
Brown water drops that never cry
The way you try to hold it in
Like showing weakness is such a sin

You ask me through your subtle words
But I’m shut-off and a little absurd
You form those doubts deep in your mind
You ask me what in you I find

But don’t you know you’re morning sun
You wake me up to kingdom come
You’re freedom in the air I breathe
The hope in everything that I see

Don’t you know you’re my shivering spine
Whenever you say “you are mine”
The aching in my gut I feel
I’ve never known to be so real

You take my loneliness on rainy days
You are the push through all my pain
Oh don’t you know you’re the bluest sky
A drug addiction that gets me high

But don’t you know I’m just afraid
That you will break my heart one day
And I’d have said to you these words
That were shut in and a little absurd

Oh don’t you know that I’m just scared
‘Cause I’ve never been so unprepared
What if love makes a fool of me
And the flaws inside are all you see

Don’t you know, I wish you knew
You’re always there in all I do
So look at me with those brown eyes
Past my surfaces to what’s inside.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2014