Between Heaven and Hell

Between Heaven and Hell

I hope you know what you’re in for, boy
When you asked me to be yours
Don’t think this is some lover’s game
That you can stop, start and pause

I think you knew it from the start
You wanted to be mine
You got a pencil for your life
And drew out all your lines

I told you I’m a wanderer
So chase me at your own risk
But once you have me, don’t let me go
For you’ve never loved like this

Like love that makes you levitate
That binds you in a spell
And you know that there’s no turning back
As we rock between heaven and hell

I’ll light a fire in your eyes
Like I’m something you’ve waited for
You’ll wonder how you ever lived
Without me here before

I warn you I’m the devil, boy
For I’ll get into your mind
I’m temptation tonguing innocence
And you don’t know what you’ll find

Did you know what you were asking for?
When you asked me to be yours
‘Cause I feel you falling deeper
And I know that you want more

I tried to keep a distance
But your persistence ravished me
Your heart beats faster in your chest
As you watch emotion bleed

I hope you know what you fell for, boy
I’m more than just a prize
You think that I’m an angel
But I’m the devil in disguise.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2014


One Last Time

One Last Time

So many things I want to say
The things you need to hear
A fallen angel before me again
Your breath, your warmth so near

We never could anticipate
The way that it would end
Such things came unexpected
And I hope we’ll still be friends

It started with a single dance
Vivid in my mind
Who would have thought we’d come this far?
And left it all behind

I want to say it’s not over yet
It’s only just begun
But no longer can we fool ourselves
This journey’s gone its run

So stand here before me, angel
Let me look into your eyes
Remember all you taught me
Forever kept inside

Let me softly kiss your mouth
And savour every taste
Tomorrow you must go away
Let not this night go waste

 Believe it’s never over
When love is found this true
There’s only room for one in my heart
And that space is left for you

Don’t cry for me, my angel
Just let me hear your voice
I want to suffer, I want to hurt
This is my eternal choice

For there is only one love
In this life of mine
It’s you, my love, my angel
But now we say goodbye

My heart will bleed forever
When I remember this night with you
My soul mate, the one I trust the most
Who trusts in me most too

I never thought it would end this way
For you are perfect to me
Yet fate, it plays a tricky game
And how perfect imperfect can be

So let me look into your eyes
Before we say goodbye
Kiss me softly on the lips
My angel, one last time.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011