Strangers and Lovers

Strangers and Lovers

I lost myself in your breath last night
As I felt that yearning ache inside
The moon stole witness to this claim
This unrestrained passion that took place

Silver light spills over your skin
Fleetingly I wonder: all my life, where you’ve been
Your closed eyes give way to my stare
The confusion is sometimes more than I can bear

I ask myself who you really are
If I really wish to go so far
It seems that beyond so nice and so tall
I really don’t know who you are at all

But growing night paves way for embrace
And I find myself gazing at your face
We share secrets under the shine of stars
We act like teenagers in your car

Yet time apart makes a stranger of you
Makes me think that love’s too soon
And wonder if love is in the equation at all
If I could ever really start to fall

Passion and want creates ecstasy
Your touch ignites electricity
But it’s easy to get lost in moments at night
When I am a fool and my heart thinks it’s right

We are strangers and lovers together as one
With no indication of what’s more to come
For now I can’t say what you’re going to be
A strange lover in you is all I can see.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2014


Rescue Me

Rescue Me

Purple and black spiral surrounds
I’m falling through these smoky clouds
My tears are rain that eclipse the earth
Searching for my own self-worth

Cold steel and shadows everywhere
Pelting through this rushing air
Wanting for a human hand
The warmth and hope of understand

The ground’s my only saviour now
For the heroes I sought could not be found
And I wonder if I’ll lose it all
I wonder if I’ll survive the fall

This can’t be how it’s meant to end
Yet I’ve used up my defence
Just show me who I’m meant to be
Un-blind my eyes so I can see

Fight for the pages left of my life
Don’t let them fall, keep them alive
Rescue me from this black eclipse
Don’t let me fall to the abyss

There must be something more to me
There must be more that I can be
This can’t be how the story ends
I must have left one last defence

So find my hand, if it’s not too late
Don’t let me stand for such a fate
Follow my voice, please fight for me
And wake me from this reality.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012


I’m finally back. This one is a poem I wrote last year. I would consider it one of my word spew poems. As a piece of poetry, it’s not my best, but it was something I needed to write for myself. Sitting here a year later, I’m less confused though wondering if we ever truly “get it” in the end, or if we just continue to live and learn as we grow. Perhaps no matter how old we get, there’s no one day where you just wake up and feel completely self-assured about your place in the world. I feel it will probably get easier to navigate the world, but maybe there’s no one moment where it all comes together; maybe that doesn’t happen until we take our final breaths. Then again, I suppose feeling entirely self-assured takes the fun out of life.


I always thought I’d know it
When the clock struck at my time
I thought it would feel different
So why am I so terrified?

I never worried as a child
When I’d have to grow up one day
Because, I thought, I’d know it then
I’d know all my plans from today

I told myself I would feel it
Right to my very bones
Adulthood coursing through myself
I’d learn how to be alone

I laughed at everyone who said
There’s a child in all of us
I thought it would be easier
These decisions that are so tough

I thought that I would see the light
No mist, no fog would block me
The path ahead would be so clear
I’d know who I’d want to be

But today I realised it’s not like that
And time is ticking on
It all seems blurred by that misty fog
Yet my heart says I must move on

So now I know the truth of it all
I know that I dive headfirst
Not feeling light or self-assured
My head’s about to burst

‘Cause it’s not a matter of just knowing
When your time as a child is up
It’s the actions you are willing to take
When you finally want to grow up

Then you dare to step through the door
And face the challenges that come
Knowing you’ll probably be beaten down
And there’s no one to help you get up

With each fall you find you learn something new
You learn how to stand on your own
Collecting wisdom as you go along
In this strange new world you roam

Then perhaps one day you will understand
Everything your parents told you that day
You won’t be so terrified anymore
You will finally find your own way.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011