Hope’s Candle

Hope’s Candle

I wonder if failing gets easier
The older we become
We wear them on us like medals
Of obstacles overcome

Hope begins so abundant
When we see through child’s eyes
I wish to feel so limitless
To find limit in the sky

Yet the pain begins to numb me
Each failure crumbles my faith
Timelines of all that should have been
Tell me it’s all too late

They say failing makes you stronger
Each downfall a lesson learned
No one ever thinks to mention
That your hope, it also burns

Hope’s flame begins so fiery
If you tend to it, it grows
But the flame it always flickers
With every taken blow

Hope’s candle starts to diminish
That burning pool of wax
Until there’s really nothing left
Of flame that it once had

What can I do, my candle’s out
I’m broken down again
No matter how I try to ignite it
My hope is at its end

Then I woke up this morning
And there was a box from you
Inside the box was a candle
Fresh, untouched, brand new.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2013




She’s slowly falling, losing her will
And all she can think about are those pills
She spilled her soul and bled out red
She ignored those voices in her head

She wonders if she can really fly
If she jumped from somewhere high
She wonders if her wrist will bleed
If this was all part of destiny

She watched herself fail too many times
And tried to pretend she was just fine
While others got what she wanted more
She just remains what she was before

Can’t do it now, can’t really go on
It seems she’s waited just far too long
She wonders when it will be her turn
Instead she continues to crash and burn

She sees disappointment reflected in eyes
Whispers she’s failing at her life
Nothing to show here, nothing to feel
Leaving this place is the only thing real

Her heart is hollow, but the rest of her burns
She’s sick of struggling to be heard
Her tears are like rain from an angry sky
She wants to drift, she wants to say goodbye

She’s tired of the ones who say
She’s wasting her precious life away
When so much effort goes on inside
To get those dreams for which she’d die

 If dreams are waste, then death’s just as good
She’s sick of being misunderstood
So drift away now, it’s finally her time
She becomes the light up there that shines.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012