Hope’s Candle

Hope’s Candle

I wonder if failing gets easier
The older we become
We wear them on us like medals
Of obstacles overcome

Hope begins so abundant
When we see through child’s eyes
I wish to feel so limitless
To find limit in the sky

Yet the pain begins to numb me
Each failure crumbles my faith
Timelines of all that should have been
Tell me it’s all too late

They say failing makes you stronger
Each downfall a lesson learned
No one ever thinks to mention
That your hope, it also burns

Hope’s flame begins so fiery
If you tend to it, it grows
But the flame it always flickers
With every taken blow

Hope’s candle starts to diminish
That burning pool of wax
Until there’s really nothing left
Of flame that it once had

What can I do, my candle’s out
I’m broken down again
No matter how I try to ignite it
My hope is at its end

Then I woke up this morning
And there was a box from you
Inside the box was a candle
Fresh, untouched, brand new.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2013



Dreamcrasher is my own made-up word. It refers to a person who tries to invade your hopes and dreams by poisoning your mind with negative beliefs about how you’ll never make it because it’s too hard or you’re not good enough etc. Dreamcrashers are very sly. They are often people closest to you whose advice you actually value. I don’t call them dreamsnatchers or catchers or stealers, because they don’t actually steal your dreams. They often pretend to be supportive, but deep down, expect you’ll fail. In moments of weakness, their true feelings about you spill out. Often they don’t even know they’re dreamcrashers. Their worldviews tend to be jaded by what they believe society is and what other people think of them.

Now I don’t want to badmouth dreamcrashers too much because often they’re people you love. I certainly do love these people, but sometimes it’s very difficult when you have conflicting views and the things they say are very hurtful. But to take a quote from the wonderful film The Pursuit of Happyness: “You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.” So protect your dreams from the dreamcrashers. Take whatever part of their advice you think is right for you, but don’t let them rain on your dreams. Anything is possible if you don’t let people rob you of that all-important mindset that the world can truly be your oyster.

This piece is half word spew. I had a heated run-in with a dreamcrasher this morning and it totally just dampened my spirits. I need to get back into a positive groove.


I see you, dreamcrasher, standing there
Pretending like you really care
Raining on my hope and faith
Telling me my life’s a waste

What wicked games you always play
What hurtful things you tend to say
Why do you toy with my mind so?
One day I’m up and then I’m low

Stop saying you believe in me
When the truth is so damn plain to see
You raise my hope then strip it down
And I’m back fallen on the ground

You say one thing, but mean another
And I hide myself beneath the covers
I don’t know whose side you’re on anymore
I’m not the same as I was before

Tell me, what is happiness to you?
Crashing dreams, breaking them in two
I told you you’re unwanted here
So take your negativity and your fear

Then leave me be, I didn’t ask you to come
To tell me my battles will never be won
I just wanted your belief, your faith in me
But I realise now that that will never be

Whatever you say, I see the truth now
I won’t cry no more, I’ll make no sounds
You’re a dreamcrasher and you will always be
No matter what you say to me

But my dreams are mine alone to keep
And you won’t take them away from me
You can put me down and strip me bare
Keep pretending like you really care

But they’re mine, they’re MINE, THEY’RE MINE to keep
They’re my damn dreams that I’ll achieve
So keep on going, keep being mean
Keep thinking you’ll get through to me

Let’s talk that day I prove you wrong
And you’ll know what I’ve known all along
Now keep on thinking your words matter
And I’ll keep my dreams safe from the dreamcrasher.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012