The First “I Love You”

The First “I Love You”

I always wondered about the boy
Who would steal my heart one day
I did not think that boy would be
The man you are today

You kiss me and I turn away
For I’m a little shy
My coyness seems more than enough
To scare off other guys

But what’s shy to you is quirky
And the way you touch my face
Makes me want to hold onto
This feeling I can’t replace

You stole a part of me that night
That’s now just memory
You showed me something of yourself
That others don’t really see

I had dreamt of whispered “I love you’s”
But the way you said it that night
I don’t think it could have been better
It couldn’t have felt more right

I’m not sure what really took place
As you held me in your car
But something seems to have changed
As you showed me who you are

Now there’s a weight deep in my gut
And I think it’s because of you
I think that people call it fear
For now I’ve something to lose

Our lives they keep on changing
And who you are today
Is not a guaranteed forever
As nothing stays the same

Just know when I said “I love you”
It means our happiness comes first
As the past burns out and the future comes
Our feelings may disperse

But loving you means letting go
Should letting go be right
It means you see hope in one place
Where for me there’s just no light

But “I love you” comes with no regrets
And in my heart you’ll stay
The one who showed me something real
Who changed my yesterdays

You said you want me to remember
And now you’re a part of me
The boy who once upon a time
I fit with perfectly.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2014


The First

The First

I can’t bring back what could have been
That recklessness of youth
That yearning to fall so mindlessly
Within feelings misunderstood

I know now that I’ve missed that time
That time that became my own
Exploring so very fervently
These places far from home

I gave myself to the world then
And I let you walk on by
Perhaps it was fear that held me back
Perhaps it was not my time

That white dress innocence is gone now
I know love is not child’s play
Though it’s still a stranger to my heart
I see love in a different way

How can I explain this to you
Innocence against battle scars
Scars of time that went on by
Of feeling trapped by bars

Yet the scars on my heart are zero
I haven’t been tainted there yet
But I know the risks from wisdom gained
In playing this lover’s bet

You become my very first everything
First kiss, first touch, first love
First one I want to make see smile
‘Cause just your smile’s enough

So tell me what you think now
For though you are the first
I know you’ve loved before me
You’ve seen the best and worst

From where we are now standing
I know we should be the same
I should have loved before you
Someone must’ve staked my claim

But I joined the game much later
I am innocence to you
And every time you touch me
The feeling is so brand new

I may not be sixteen again
But what I missed out then
I feel it now with you by my side
Like this love will never end

And I don’t know if it’s better
To love now when I am wise
Or to yearn for total abandon
In my sixteen-year-old mind

So you told me I was different
And now you know just why
I’ve had no heartbreak in my life
No reason for me to cry

It all sounds good on paper
For there’s no need to compete
I won’t be leaving one foot behind
When jumping in with both feet

But know you are the first
The first that may break my heart
And I won’t ever be the same
Should love tear me apart

And if that should ever happen
Just know I’ll be okay again
I’ll even accept the reality
That we may not stay friends

This burden is the price you pay
For being first owner of my heart
You’re the first I want to give it to
Of me, you’ll always be a part

So before the heartbreaks and the tears
Thank you for showing me
For teaching me what it’s all about
For we’re making history

Let’s rule this world together on stars
See every single thing on earth
And at the end, should there ever be one
Just remember: you were the first.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2013

Not My Destiny

Not My Destiny

Have you ever wondered
Where our destiny lies?
We’ve grown through this together
And past the truth I hide

I’ve seen into the future
It’s written in the skies
My destiny does not lie here
And soon I’ll say goodbye

The first time I ever saw you
You took my breath away
I thought you were my destiny
Yet now I cannot stay

It was written in the universe
This tragic love we share
The bond we formed from friendship
Was destined to end in despair

I thought you were my destiny
That all would be alright
But now I’ve grown to understand
The meaning of sacrifice

You are not my destiny
At least not anymore
This is the way we are
How the story’s told

I beg you to forgive me
I beg you not to cry
Maintain the strength you showed me
You don’t ever have to hide

For you’ll always be the one
Who taught me how to love
The one I will remember first
Who’ll remain the one above

All others I may come by
Will never compare to you
For first loves are never forgotten
First loves are always true

So the truth is right before me
And now my destiny calls
Though you may not be a part of it
I’ll be there to catch you when you fall

Know you’ll remain in my heart
All the long way through
And know that my so-called destiny
Could not have happened without you.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

First Love

First Love

How would I have ever known?
The existence of a universe
So different to all that I’ve learnt
Is somehow found in you

Every breath I take has purpose
Because I breathe for you
Every beat of my heart
Is a call to your name

 They don’t warn how you can fall
So fearlessly, so boldly
Have I ever felt so powerless?
Have I ever felt so invincible?

I wonder when I’ll fly for you
Because you give me angel wings
Your presence takes me high
And my place becomes that of stars

Will you look into my eyes?
Will you whisper my name?
Tell me everything you want to be
And I’ll be it with you

I’ve often wondered
Why love songs are written
And now we dance together
To lyrics of our own

Do you know you’re beautiful?
How I tremble for you so?
Terrified of losing you
Of one day letting go

You kiss my shy lips
And I’m not sure what to say
What is it called – this feeling
When I feel this way?

I’m completely hopeless
When it comes to love
So I hold onto your hand
And dive headfirst

And when that day ever comes
That we might say goodbye
Thank you for showing me
The wonders of a first love

I might be angry and I might cry
But know that I loved you
And I’ll hold onto the love you showed me
So that I might do it better next time.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Kiss of Eternity

Kiss of Eternity

They stand before each other
Their thoughts they spin around
A revolution of memories
To which they’re forever bound

He holds onto her hand
And tells her “close your eyes”
Then whispers to her softly
Words that make her cry

The tears fall from an ocean
Her eyelashes sparkle so
She whispers right back at him
“Do you really have to go?”

The answer rests between them
It hangs steadily in the air
He presses his forehead to her
And tells her “don’t despair”

Their bodies come together
Their hands pressed into one
It was never meant to end this way
Their lives had just begun

But the truth remains within her
And she had always known
The moment that they spoke of love
She’d have to let him go

And now that night was upon them
He tells her “don’t be afraid”
She promises to remember
To never let them fade

She tells him that she loves him
Enough to set him free
To save the world without her
To be all he can be

He presses his lips against her
And savours every taste
The way her mouth falls on his
The expression on her face

He kisses her to tell her
All he needn’t prove
To show her inextricably
“My heart belongs to you”

Their kiss is of eternity
And one day she would say
“Never again has anyone
ever kissed me that way”

They part in hopes they’ll meet again
When all has become so clear
When destinies have been fulfilled
And they’d conquered all their fears

“Until then”, she tells him,
“This kiss will have to do
and when you’re flying among the clouds
remember that I loved you

“I fell in love with the boy-next-door
That’s who you’ll always be,
So until we meet again one day
this kiss is for eternity.”

© Lily K. Lynn 2011