Hope’s Candle

Hope’s Candle

I wonder if failing gets easier
The older we become
We wear them on us like medals
Of obstacles overcome

Hope begins so abundant
When we see through child’s eyes
I wish to feel so limitless
To find limit in the sky

Yet the pain begins to numb me
Each failure crumbles my faith
Timelines of all that should have been
Tell me it’s all too late

They say failing makes you stronger
Each downfall a lesson learned
No one ever thinks to mention
That your hope, it also burns

Hope’s flame begins so fiery
If you tend to it, it grows
But the flame it always flickers
With every taken blow

Hope’s candle starts to diminish
That burning pool of wax
Until there’s really nothing left
Of flame that it once had

What can I do, my candle’s out
I’m broken down again
No matter how I try to ignite it
My hope is at its end

Then I woke up this morning
And there was a box from you
Inside the box was a candle
Fresh, untouched, brand new.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2013


It Keeps On Raining

It Keeps On Raining

Feel like walking in the rain today
Till I’m soaked from head to toe
Till all that’s real becomes unreal
And each breath of mine unknown

I want to feel weighed down by the water
And to feel that it’s okay
To be stuck here just for a little while
Come what might and may

My tears will mix with that of the clouds
And the difference will disappear
The puddles I sink so deep into
Won’t matter when I’m stuck out here

And maybe I’ll just remember
Things happen in their own time
I’ll become the person I’m meant to be
I’ll find those things I’m meant to find

I hope the rain will wash away my regrets
The feeling of disappointment that runs in me
All’s lost now and I’ve sunk so low
From all I ever wanted to be

But the rain will keep on falling
And the sun will always rise
And I’ll keep walking my own path
See the world through my own eyes

I wish to lie in the midst of an empty road
And have the rain drench me through and through
Wash away the broken pieces
And leave me as someone new

They say to see the rainbow
One must live through the rain
To understand what happiness is
One must live through the pain

I don’t know what’s meant to happen now
All I have left is to keep going on
Keep walking through this heavy rain
Keep fighting those battles left to be won

The only thing I know for sure
Is this path is mine alone
And I’ll walk it at my pace
For it’s completely, totally my own

And as I walk this angry storm
The rain is hard to see through sometimes
But occasionally, when you least expect it
There’s that glimmer of hopeful light.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012