As We Were

It’s been a while. I apologise. My life is kind of heading in a different direction and I’m still trying to mend the pieces of a recently broken dream. Hopefully in the future, probably when I least expect it, I’ll find that dream again. For now though, I’m struggling to figure out if I’m making the right choices or if all this will lead to yet another disappointment. I guess I’m trying to find something that’s enough for me to want to stick around to see what happens next. Right now, I just don’t know. Call it an existential crisis or fate vs choice, but life is looking bleak at the moment. It’s a step-up from the bleak I was feeling a week or two ago, but bleak nonetheless. I have decided to keep fighting on at least till the end of this year though. I’m going to go ahead with what plans I have made, accept that this may end up being my life though it was never my first choice, and hopefully some time during all of it, I’ll realise it’s made me happy.

As We Were

Wish we could rule the world somehow
With restless hearts of innocence
Untainted by men of power and greed
Who’ve made of us a mess

Not sure what happened in between
When our feet they tumbled on in
Spiralled down as the light got away
As we forget where we have been

The lines of right and wrong get blurred
Driven by personal gain
Is this humanity or what we teach?
Are we but pieces on a board game?

Wish we could be just as we were
Stop building bombs and prison walls
Men in suits playing battleship
And soon all ships will fall

People saying what we need to do
What we need to have and believe
Minds stolen so easily this way
Souls searching for reprieve

Preaching power in guise of love
Soon the difference will disappear
Labels make us good or bad
Driven by ingrained fears

If we could be just as we were
Perfect when we open our eyes
See the world for the very first time
Know not the meaning of lies

There’d be no need to rule the world
For everyone’s a kinder heart
No need to question if people are good
The world runs with you a part

But there’s something wrong with that picture
And there’s no reason the world’s this way
Hoping naively for utopia
Will bring just sadder days

So we’ll just keep on spinning like this
Falling down like broken feathers
Moving away from the beginning
Further from as we were.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012




I must ask myself to stop
To cease moving and look around
For as I struggle forward
My feet bury me underground

Satisfaction is so hard to come by
It’s materialism at best
Perhaps the satisfaction that I seek
Is something that costs less

I asked the universe for meaning
For it seems we’re all so doomed
Life’s a blur to the finish line
And it always comes too soon

I really wanted those amazing things
Now I can’t feel why
To impress, to fit in, to make them proud
But I’ve failed as so far I’ve tried

So I asked what I hoped to leave behind
If my life was gone tomorrow
Striving for all that glitter
Has brought me naught but sorrow

The answer surprised me when it came
For though I wished to leave my mark
I felt what was most important
Was the kindness in our hearts

Dresses will make me prettier
Money will buy me a house
And I would sit there in my pretty dress
And ask “what’s this all about?”

Fame may bring me fortune
Fortune may bring respect
But in the end, the missing link
Would bring me more regret

For my answer to my question
Asked the value of human life
How much we could give to another
How much we could sacrifice

I thought I would feel okay then
If that’s all that would remain
If I left this world tomorrow
And someone’s life had changed.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012


Blank faces

All the same

Blinding headache

Going out of my mind

No reason left to be here

Why do we want those things

that mean nothing in the end?

Maybe life is best lived with the knowledge

that you will die tomorrow

In the end, we are but the lonely

Mice spinning on a wheel

Over and over and over and over

Then death comes

The wheel stops spinning

And that was that.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder how lightning can strike
On a golden summer’s day
How a flower can grow so quickly
When it was nothing yesterday

And I wonder what else I’ve missed
In this incredible, spinning globe
Take me with you, drifting wind
Show me all there is to know

How rain can make me happy
And the heart in me can soar
How nothing ever stays the same
But I’m always seeing more

How people can surprise you
When you really start to believe
Open yourself to open the doors
To everything you seek

I wonder all this and more
And wonder makes me free
I’m living, I’m being, I’m human
And today I feel so me.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012

Only Human

Only Human

I watch a bird spread its wings and fly
Plunging into the endless blue sky
I wish and I yearn, but I tell myself:
You are only human

I see a million souls cry out today
Pleading for someone to show them the way
They wish and yearn, but tell themselves:
We are only human

A lonely boy leaves the world tonight
He can no longer fight this fight
He wished and yearned, but told himself:
You are only human

The stars are in thousands surrounding the moon
I wish I could reach them sometime so soon
I wish and I yearn, but I tell myself:
You are only human

A mother’s child died in her
She feels that she has lost her worth
She wishes and yearns, but tells herself:
You are only human

Your heart’s been broken for the first time
And you know that one day you will be fine
You wish and you yearn, but you tell yourself:
You are only human

I wish I was the world tonight
So I’d only have to change what’s inside
I wish and I yearn, and I tell myself:
I am only human.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Earth & Us

Earth & Us

I grew up in a fantasy world
Where earth was perfect to me
Unafraid because I had no fear
Of what fear itself should be

I saw the best in others
My heart was open and wide
I kept no secrets for I felt no need
To hide who I was inside

I was curious about people
They were always kind to me
I knew nothing of the world except for
Truth and honesty

Then I grew older one day
And the world began to turn dark
I realised people could be cruel
That they could have blackened hearts

I got introduced to what fear was
To manipulation and to greed
I began to lose faith in all I knew
And to question humanity

When we fight war with violence
When we take pleasure in other’s falls
We are changing the world so rapidly
From what it was before

When we preach to be kind to others
Yet we are cruel when backs are turned
We are teaching our future children
This is the integrity they will learn

When we say to accept all people
Yet exile those who stand out
We are also banishing our tolerance
And replacing it with close-minded doubt

We all plead to heal the world
But it just gets worse and worse
What have we done to our planet?
When did our hope disperse?

You can’t blame the earth for what’s happened
When the blood came from our hands
Earth was given to us to take care of
But we have ruined its oceans and lands

The child I was keeps crying
For all I thought earth would be
Yet the pain and suffering around
Is all I continue to see

Think of the future generations
What will we have left behind?
An earth that is sick and pleading
From people believing it’s fine

But what is the point of these words
When so many live with narrow minds?
Too caught up in a deteriorating present
To worry of future lives

So the earth will continue to suffer
Because people forget to be kind
Too tainted by what society has become
Too consumed by greed and pride

Then one day we’ll all realise
That there’s nothing left of earth
But remnants of what could have been
Had we cherished all its worth

We’ll stand among its ashes
Crying to be saved
Because nobody cared when it mattered
And so now it’s just too late.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011