Falling For You

Falling For You

You read my mind the other night
The thoughts in me I tried to hide
But lying with our faces close
My eyes gave away what I want most

You asked to know what’s in my head
For you know that my mind never rests
My eyes can’t shield what this has become
It’s too late now to turn and run

But I’m scared and just a little coy
A girl enamoured by a boy
So I smile and keep my lips shut tight
While your eyes glimmer with the moonlight

Yet you won’t give up so easily
You want to know just all of me
So I tell you, you must read my mind
To know what’s going on inside

You hint around and ask for clues
Is it a bad thought or is it good?
My hint is transparent as shiny glass
You somehow read my mind so fast

I don’t know how I gave it away
You speak the words that I can’t say
But the best part wasn’t “I’m falling for you”
It was hearing you say, “I’m falling too.”

 Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2014


You Are

This was in honour of Valentine’s Day – my first ever. I told him not to freak out when he read it. He read it and said something along the lines of: “That’s fine. I’m not freaked out at all. What do you think of my poem?”

You Are

You are what I wrote about
Before I knew your name
You are the feeling that I get
From words read on a page

You are the lyrics to that song
We heard on the radio
You are a lesson I never learned
But one I ought to know

You are kisses in deserted parks
And laughter in the rain
You are a midnight curfew
I always want to break

You are moments in life I dreamt about
That I questioned to exist
But if dreams were somehow reality
It would happen just like this

So forget this now, but keep it safe
Where no one else can see
For days you need reminding:
You are all these things to me.

Copyright Lily K. Lynn 2014

I Love the Way You Smile

So out with 2011, and hello 2012. I hope everyone had a festive New Year’s. I’ve never believed in New Year’s resolutions. I figure you shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to change something or start over. Seems silly to me, and it’s probably why most people end up breaking their resolutions before they’re even one month into the new year. So I suppose some uplifting New Year’s poetry is wanted here, but unfortunately my head has just been BLAH the past few weeks (thank you, holiday season) and I need to get back on track with a few things. So in the mean time, this is a playful, light-hearted piece I wrote years ago. A little levity never hurt anyone! Enjoy and have a great year ahead.

I Love the Way You Smile

I love the way you smile
I love the way you move
I’d walk a thousand miles
Just for seeing you

I love the way you laugh
I love the way you look
I’ve given away my heart
My heart is what you took

I love the way you touch
I love the way you cry
I always miss you much
You taught me how to try

I love the way you speak
I love the way you kiss
You make my knees go weak
You are what I miss

I love the way you dance
I love the way you stare
I gave you a second glance
I love to smell your hair

I love the way you smile
I love the way you move
I’ll love you forever more
‘Cause I love the way you’re you.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011


I’m finally back. This one is a poem I wrote last year. I would consider it one of my word spew poems. As a piece of poetry, it’s not my best, but it was something I needed to write for myself. Sitting here a year later, I’m less confused though wondering if we ever truly “get it” in the end, or if we just continue to live and learn as we grow. Perhaps no matter how old we get, there’s no one day where you just wake up and feel completely self-assured about your place in the world. I feel it will probably get easier to navigate the world, but maybe there’s no one moment where it all comes together; maybe that doesn’t happen until we take our final breaths. Then again, I suppose feeling entirely self-assured takes the fun out of life.


I always thought I’d know it
When the clock struck at my time
I thought it would feel different
So why am I so terrified?

I never worried as a child
When I’d have to grow up one day
Because, I thought, I’d know it then
I’d know all my plans from today

I told myself I would feel it
Right to my very bones
Adulthood coursing through myself
I’d learn how to be alone

I laughed at everyone who said
There’s a child in all of us
I thought it would be easier
These decisions that are so tough

I thought that I would see the light
No mist, no fog would block me
The path ahead would be so clear
I’d know who I’d want to be

But today I realised it’s not like that
And time is ticking on
It all seems blurred by that misty fog
Yet my heart says I must move on

So now I know the truth of it all
I know that I dive headfirst
Not feeling light or self-assured
My head’s about to burst

‘Cause it’s not a matter of just knowing
When your time as a child is up
It’s the actions you are willing to take
When you finally want to grow up

Then you dare to step through the door
And face the challenges that come
Knowing you’ll probably be beaten down
And there’s no one to help you get up

With each fall you find you learn something new
You learn how to stand on your own
Collecting wisdom as you go along
In this strange new world you roam

Then perhaps one day you will understand
Everything your parents told you that day
You won’t be so terrified anymore
You will finally find your own way.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

One Last Time

One Last Time

So many things I want to say
The things you need to hear
A fallen angel before me again
Your breath, your warmth so near

We never could anticipate
The way that it would end
Such things came unexpected
And I hope we’ll still be friends

It started with a single dance
Vivid in my mind
Who would have thought we’d come this far?
And left it all behind

I want to say it’s not over yet
It’s only just begun
But no longer can we fool ourselves
This journey’s gone its run

So stand here before me, angel
Let me look into your eyes
Remember all you taught me
Forever kept inside

Let me softly kiss your mouth
And savour every taste
Tomorrow you must go away
Let not this night go waste

 Believe it’s never over
When love is found this true
There’s only room for one in my heart
And that space is left for you

Don’t cry for me, my angel
Just let me hear your voice
I want to suffer, I want to hurt
This is my eternal choice

For there is only one love
In this life of mine
It’s you, my love, my angel
But now we say goodbye

My heart will bleed forever
When I remember this night with you
My soul mate, the one I trust the most
Who trusts in me most too

I never thought it would end this way
For you are perfect to me
Yet fate, it plays a tricky game
And how perfect imperfect can be

So let me look into your eyes
Before we say goodbye
Kiss me softly on the lips
My angel, one last time.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Our Fairytale

Our Fairytale

You know you’re not my prince
Riding on his horse
Rescuing me from dragons
Thinking I am yours

I’ve tried so many times
Waiting for him to come
A knight in shining armour
Handsome and then some

But there is no knight in shining armour
No perfect man of dreams
No flawless prince of kingdom
Who’s everything he seems

I am not a princess
My slippers aren’t made of glass
A kiss won’t bring me back to life
I’m not of royal class

Our fairytale is complicated
With many twists and turns
You’re the prince who lets me down
Yet still for you I yearn

We have no wands or carriages
It’s somewhat tragical
Yet every moment I spend with you
Is still so magical

I have no ugly stepsisters
No wicked witches to flee
Yet every time I turn around
You’re always rescuing me

So although you’ll never be a prince
Who rides on a horse for me
No knight in shining armour
Will I ever see

Remember you still have my heart
And you always will
We’ll push through this together
And get our ever after still.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011



Red is the colour of my heart
The way it beats sets you apart
Whenever you are close to me
No faster can my red heart beat

Yellow is the colour of the sun
And beneath its rays I would run
Across the entire world for you
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

Pink is the way that my cheeks blush
They always get that kind of flush
Every time you talk to me
I try to hide so you won’t see

Blue is the colour of the sky
And also the colour of your eyes
I see a galaxy when I look into
Your beautiful eyes of ocean blue

Orange is the colour of a flame
The way it burns, the way it claims
The warmth it provides when you are cold
Like love, it’s fiery and it’s bold

Green is the colour of the grass
The way it seems to grow so fast
Just like all relationships too
We never realise until we do

Purple is my favourite one
It’s not the colour of the sun
Not the colour of a flame
Or the way my red heart pains

I like it just because I do
Much like how I’m in love with you
I don’t know how, I don’t know why
But you paint a rainbow in my sky.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

Kiss of Eternity

Kiss of Eternity

They stand before each other
Their thoughts they spin around
A revolution of memories
To which they’re forever bound

He holds onto her hand
And tells her “close your eyes”
Then whispers to her softly
Words that make her cry

The tears fall from an ocean
Her eyelashes sparkle so
She whispers right back at him
“Do you really have to go?”

The answer rests between them
It hangs steadily in the air
He presses his forehead to her
And tells her “don’t despair”

Their bodies come together
Their hands pressed into one
It was never meant to end this way
Their lives had just begun

But the truth remains within her
And she had always known
The moment that they spoke of love
She’d have to let him go

And now that night was upon them
He tells her “don’t be afraid”
She promises to remember
To never let them fade

She tells him that she loves him
Enough to set him free
To save the world without her
To be all he can be

He presses his lips against her
And savours every taste
The way her mouth falls on his
The expression on her face

He kisses her to tell her
All he needn’t prove
To show her inextricably
“My heart belongs to you”

Their kiss is of eternity
And one day she would say
“Never again has anyone
ever kissed me that way”

They part in hopes they’ll meet again
When all has become so clear
When destinies have been fulfilled
And they’d conquered all their fears

“Until then”, she tells him,
“This kiss will have to do
and when you’re flying among the clouds
remember that I loved you

“I fell in love with the boy-next-door
That’s who you’ll always be,
So until we meet again one day
this kiss is for eternity.”

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

A Single Kiss

I like to break the heavy things up with a little levity now and then, so this piece is fairly self-explanatory if not overtly sensationalised through verse. What are your first kiss stories? Or your most memorable kiss? Leave a comment and share your story with everyone below! If it intrigues me enough, I would love to re-post it in my next blog post for more people to read. Xx

A Single Kiss

This day is one that never ends
Where impossibles come true
Where stars have fallen down to earth
Where I am here with you

This moment is where imagination
Blurs with reality
The difference is indistinguishable
Whether real or fantasy

This time I cannot really tell
If I’m happy or afraid
For both are overwhelming me
And both will never fade

My feet have left the steady ground
And rising high above
Yet gravity remains around
An illusion of heavy love

My eyes are shut so tightly
Yet I can see so much
A revolution of my life
Sorrows, smiles and such

I’m shivering and trembling
Yet I am not cold
The warmth I feel is electric
The courage I feel is bold

I asked for you to show me
The meaning of miracles
An answer that would tell me
Something tangible

I sat there and I waited
I knew the answer would be long
How I never would have guessed
Such as I was wrong

My body it is shaking
Yet I feel so warm
My mind is so completed
Yet so incredibly torn

My eyes are shut tightly
Yet everything I can see
You’re catching me as I fall
Into a fantasy

The moment lasts a second
Yet it never dies
The stars are falling down
From the lit-up sky

I want to cry because
I’m happy and so scared
I cannot tell the difference
Who am I and where

You finally showed me clearly
What a miracle was
If all this isn’t miracles
Then I am at a loss

It didn’t require a dictionary
No explanation thought
Such irony your answer showed
Such simplicity you sought

All these feelings of miracles
You showed me through your lips
I understood the moment we touched
All this from a single kiss.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

The Hardest Goodbye

So I’ve officially removed all my poems from my old blog and will be re-posting them all here over time. I’m also excited to begin sharing any short stories I’ve written. Unfortunately, many of them are mere skimmerings of a spur-of-the-moment “great idea” and are therefore incomplete. But enough about that now. This poem was written a few years ago. It was after high school and during those first few years of university when I found myself drifting apart from all of my close high school friends. You think these friendships are made of steel and will last forever, despite distance and time, but unfortunately this is hardly ever the way things go.

What are your experiences with your old friends? Did you survive the huge transition from high school to college/university? Are you still friends twenty years down the track? Or do you find yourself hardly remembering the faces of people you once knew so well? I’d love to hear your stories below. Xx

The Hardest Goodbye

My hardest goodbye was not with a boy
It was not done with a broken heart
It was everything opposite to what I thought
When it all finally fell apart

 Seven friends promised on graduation day
That their friendships would stay alive
No matter the distance or the time
They promised to stay in each other’s lives

 The first year passed by quickly
And that’s when change begins
It leaks into those unseen cracks
The foundation of where friendship begins

 Who am I to criticise change?
I know I’m not the same
And at the very end of it all
None of us are to blame

People grow up and want different things
It seems easy to let go of the past
The part I don’t really quite understand
Is how it all happened so fast

One by one we slipped away
And those still left behind
Found that it’s not how it used to be
How we laughed and cried those times

 We don’t know how to talk anymore
We don’t know how to be
I’m afraid to tell them my secrets
I used to divulge openly

How did we become such strangers?
How did it come to this?
Awkward hugs and smiles
What is it that I missed?

 The hardest goodbye isn’t goodbye itself
It’s admitting it’s time to let go
Trying to hold something together
That died a long time ago

But years from now, I’ll still smile
At a picture of my old friends and me
I’ll smile not for the hardest goodbye
But, always, for the memories.

© Lily K. Lynn 2011

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