As We Were

It’s been a while. I apologise. My life is kind of heading in a different direction and I’m still trying to mend the pieces of a recently broken dream. Hopefully in the future, probably when I least expect it, I’ll find that dream again. For now though, I’m struggling to figure out if I’m making the right choices or if all this will lead to yet another disappointment. I guess I’m trying to find something that’s enough for me to want to stick around to see what happens next. Right now, I just don’t know. Call it an existential crisis or fate vs choice, but life is looking bleak at the moment. It’s a step-up from the bleak I was feeling a week or two ago, but bleak nonetheless. I have decided to keep fighting on at least till the end of this year though. I’m going to go ahead with what plans I have made, accept that this may end up being my life though it was never my first choice, and hopefully some time during all of it, I’ll realise it’s made me happy.

As We Were

Wish we could rule the world somehow
With restless hearts of innocence
Untainted by men of power and greed
Who’ve made of us a mess

Not sure what happened in between
When our feet they tumbled on in
Spiralled down as the light got away
As we forget where we have been

The lines of right and wrong get blurred
Driven by personal gain
Is this humanity or what we teach?
Are we but pieces on a board game?

Wish we could be just as we were
Stop building bombs and prison walls
Men in suits playing battleship
And soon all ships will fall

People saying what we need to do
What we need to have and believe
Minds stolen so easily this way
Souls searching for reprieve

Preaching power in guise of love
Soon the difference will disappear
Labels make us good or bad
Driven by ingrained fears

If we could be just as we were
Perfect when we open our eyes
See the world for the very first time
Know not the meaning of lies

There’d be no need to rule the world
For everyone’s a kinder heart
No need to question if people are good
The world runs with you a part

But there’s something wrong with that picture
And there’s no reason the world’s this way
Hoping naively for utopia
Will bring just sadder days

So we’ll just keep on spinning like this
Falling down like broken feathers
Moving away from the beginning
Further from as we were.

© Lily K. Lynn 2012